Kenya v Somalia: What you need to know about the diplomatic spat

Somalia’s federal government has denied Kenyan accusations that it auctioned off oil and gas exploration blocks in a disputed territory in the Indian Ocean. Somalia reacted after Nairobi recalled its ambassador from Mogadishu for "urgent consultations" over the maritime border dispute that involves lucrative offshore oil and gas deposits. Kenya, however, denied expelling the Somali envoy

Somalia must ensure industrialisation before regional economic integration

MOWLIID AHMED HASSAN          With closer relations among countries in the Horn of Africa, there are talks of great economic integration, but Somalia would be the loser if that went ahead too soon. The Horn of Africa’s regional political and economic direction made a U-turn when Abiy Ahmed came to power as

Far-right conversions to Islam are a slap to the face of extremism

When Islamophobes convert to Islam, it's an opportunity for everyone to build bridges. At some point or another, I’d wager we’ve each heard at least one, if not more, of these arguments before: Islam isn’t European and can never be compatible with Western culture; Muslims don’t want to integrate into Western

Ignore Museveni’s hubris, Somalia is a functioning state

Leadership, it is said, requires a fine balance of humility and hubris. Despite its splendid recovery, Somalia still is, sadly, a target of ridicule and hubris, an excessive pride that ancient Greeks scorned at as defiance of the gods (truth), leading to nemesis or doom. In a televised speech to the Uganda Annual Judge's Conference

How Social Media Endangers Knowledge

WIKIPEDIA, ONE OF the last remaining pillars of the open and decentralized web, is in existential crisis. This has nothing to do with money. A couple of years ago, the site launched a panicky fundraising campaign, but ironically thanks to Donald Trump, Wikipedia has never been as wealthy or well-organized. American liberals,

Malaysia a global leader in Islamic banking

By APNIZAN ABDULLAH February 7, 2019 MALAYSIA’S pioneering role in the development of Islamic banking and finance has gained worldwide recognition. The public’s demand to have an Islamic commercial bank offering Islamic banking products and services continued until a commercial Islamic bank was set up in 1983, licensed as Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd