Trump administration sued for detaining Somali man without bond hearing

A Somali man who was detained by US authorities after requesting asylum more than two years ago is languishing in immigration detention, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says.

The ACLU is a nonprofit organisation which defends individual rights and liberties in the US.

It says it is suing President Donald Trump’s administration for detaining Mahamed Ahmed-Cali for two and a half years without a bond hearing.

Ahmed-Cali was detained at a California port of entry in 2016 after requesting asylum.

Since then, immigration officials have transferred him to several states in the country.

“This, frankly, is one of the worst cases of abuse I have seen on the part of ICE in the state of New Hampshire,” said ACLU official Gilles Bissonnette.

The ACLU is asking for his immediate release.

Ahmed-Cali was one of more than 90 Somalis who sued the US government after they sat shackled on an airplane for two days in an aborted deportation in 2017. The case was dismissed.