Somali man found guilty in US 911 caller death

A jury in the US has found Somali-born former policeman Mohamed Noor guilty of killing Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk Damond in 2017.

The former Minneapolis police officer was convicted of third-degree murder for the shooting death of the Australian woman who approached his car minutes after calling 911 to report a possible rape behind her home.

The jury in trial took less than one day to reach their verdict.

It included 10 men and two women. Six of the jurors, including the two women, are people of color.

Noor, a two-year veteran who testified that he shifted to policing from a career in business because he “always wanted to serve,” was acquitted of the most serious charge of intentional second-degree murder.

Noor, 33, is among the many Somali immigrants who settled in Minnesota after coming to America due to civil war in his home country.

His hiring was celebrated by city leaders eager to diversify the police force in a city rich in immigrants.

After he was charged, he was fired from the position.

Source: News Agencies