Three sentenced to death in Somalia for murder over inter-clan marriage

A court in Somalia has sentenced three people to death for the murder of a man whose nephew married a woman from one of the country’s major clans.

The court, sitting in Mogadishu, freed four others in the case for lack of evidence linking them to the murder.

The brutal killing of Ahmed Dowlo last year shocked people in Somalia and beyond, highlighting the extreme forms of discrimination Somali minority clans face.

Dowlo was burnt to death by in-laws who, based on reported discriminatory customs, rejected his nephew’s marriage to their daughter.

According to a VOA journalist, relatives of the deceased say justice has not been serviced despite the court ruling.

Dowlo was ambushed last September in his garage in Mogadishu’s Hodan area by people said to have been from the bride’s family.

The three men killed him and set fire on his body.

In their ruling, the judges said those convicted can appeal.