People are getting ready for Ramadan … with halal pickup lines

The online Muslim community has made a habit out of creating hilarious memes and tweets based on its religion, and truth be told, the jokes simply never get old. 

If you follow Muslim social media users, you have probably stumbled upon their famous halal pickup lines, in which Muslims add a halal twist to their attempts at flirting.

This time around, and with Ramadan right around the corner, Muslims are taking their pickup lines to a whole new level, entertaining the interwebs with lines inspired by the holy month.

It all began with this tweet

The Twitter user followed up with another tweet, writing, “Btw it was a joke don’t use ‘Ramadan pick up lines’ FEAR ALLAH. [sic]”

Still, people couldn’t help but pitch their favorite Ramadan-themed pickup lines:

When a flirt has some oh-so-noble intentions

Source: Twitter/Watheq25

The struggle to keep it halal is REAL

Source: Twitter/C0NVERSELESTER

Who said romance is dead?

Source: Twitter/haktheakh

Nope, it’s alive and well

Source: Twitter/zey_n_o

Promises, promises

Source: Twitter/Yemeniah2019

Naturally, there were plenty of “date” references

Source: Twitter/yousufshaaban1

Crush and iftar: So close, yet so far away

Source: Twitter/iman_iek

Halal flirting at its finest

Source: Twitter/jcquelinenoor

Bonus: If you can’t relate to the above, you’re not alone!

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during fasting hours. Muslims are also encouraged to focus on their religious duties during the holy month and to steer away from acts that are impermissible or frowned upon in Islam.

Source: StepFeed