First ever supermarket in Kenya’s Mandera county excites residents

A new supermarket is exciting residents of Mandera town on the Kenya-Somalia-Ethiopia border after it opened its doors this week.

El-Matt supermarket is the first ever one-stop store to set up shop in Mandera county.

“I am happy that at last, we have a supermarket in Mandera. Previously, the nearest one was in Wajir, about 400 kilometres away,” resident Halima Ahmed told the Daily Nation newspaper.

Owner Hussein Ali Haji told the daily that the retail store cost some 70 million to set up.

“The whole project starting from construction to stocking has consumed 70 million shillings but I am optimistic it is a worthy venture,” he said.

“It was a good idea to start something that will provide all that is needed under one roof.”

“I have never seen such a shop in my entire life but I am happy and excited because I just found all I needed inside there,” a resident – Haji Hussien said.

The new supermarket, which reportedly seats on half an acre piece of land, is expected to create 21 job posts for county residents according to initial projections, with a target of 200 customers per day.

El-Matt supermarket would reportedly provide laundry, bakery and cafeteria services on top of availing household and food products.

Photo by Daily Nation