MP Yusuf Hassan brokers deal between Eastleigh traders and tax agency

A deal has been brokered between the Kenyan Revenue Authority and traders in Nairobi’s Eastleigh district following protests that saw shops in the area closed for two days.

Yusuf Hassan, Member of Parliament for Kamukunji, of which Eastleigh is part, said he successfully brokered an end to the dispute between the national tax collector and the traders.

“The Eastleigh shutdown is now over and the hub is once again open for business,” he tweeted.

The traders closed down their malls and outlets protesting what they termed exorbitant levies on cargo.

The traders, led by Eastleigh Business Community chairman, Sheikh Ibrahim Hussein, said the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) had arbitrarily increased tax for 40 feet containers from 3 million shillings to 12 million shillings.