Somali man who was denied refuge in the US died in Mogadishu bombing – report

A Somali man who sought protection in the United States was among at least a dozen people killed last week in a car bomb in Mogadishu, it has emerged.

Ahmed Hassan, a husband and father of one, had failed asylum bids in the US and also in South Africa, the Voice of Africa Somali Service reported.

He spent nearly two years in the custody of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) before being returned to the Horn of Africa two years ago, the service said.

“What is hurting the family is that Ahmed endured and suffered during his journey to America, and eventually he got deported to Somalia,” his stepsister told VOA.

Hassan was among at least 350 Somalis returned from the United States from 2017 into mid-2018, VOA’s Somali Service calculated, based on interviews with Somali immigration officials and deportees.

Since his return to Mogadishu, Hassan had been unable to find steady work.

On the day of the explosion, he had gone to meet friends and was considering a move back to South Africa, the stepsister said.

Aalim, who befriended Hassan in South Africa and now lives in Mogadishu, remembered the bombing victim in a Twitter post.

He noted his sadness that “Ahmed escaped xenophobic in SA to seek better life in #USA.”