What is #MuslimWomensDay and how is it celebrated?

In 2017, MuslimGirl.com launched Muslim Women’s Day on March 27 to elevate stories and share experiences from the Muslim community in the mainstream media.

MuslimGirl.com is a website by and for Muslim women, in partnership with several media organisations, centring on the voices and experiences of Muslim women.

The state of Florida in the US has also proclaimed 27 March as Muslim Women’s Day throughout the state, recognising the “economic, cultural, and social contributions of Muslim women”.

During the first year, MuslimGirl encouraged people to participate and be a part of #muslimwomensday by amplifying voices of Muslim women online, sharing articles about their experiences, or posting messages of solidarity.

The platform’s founder, Amani, said that the purpose of the day is to celebrate and centre Muslim women, as they are “rarely given the space to be heard above all the noise”.
Muslim Women’s Day is an opportunity to elevate the voices of Muslim women by curating content that reflects their experiences.

On social media, users are using the hashtag #MuslimWomensDay to bring attention to stories that are often otherwise overlooked by others and to celebrate the holiday.

Image: Twitter/NylonMag