#InternationalWomensDay 2019: 10 Inspiring quotes by Muslim personalities

Every March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world. The day was first marked by the United Nations in 1975 to celebrate “acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities”.

To honour the women in our lives – our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, relatives, friends or colleagues, here are top 10 quotes by Muslim men and women:

1.”As Muslim women, we have been liberated from this silent bondage. We don’t need society’s standard of beauty or fashion, to define our worth. We don’t need to become just like men to be honored, and we don’t need to wait for a prince to save or complete us. Our worth, our honor, our salvation, and our completion lie not in the slave. But, in the Lord of the slave.”

                                                Yasmin Mogahed – Author and keynote speaker

2. “Muslim women must stand up and speak out about who we are, what we believe and where we are going. I think we need to know that our counterparts in the west are also willing to listen and reciprocate.”

                                                      Queen Rania of Jordan

3. “All too many Muslims fail to grasp Islam, which teaches one to be lenient towards others and to understand their value systems, knowing that these are tolerated by Islam as a religion.”

                                                     Abdurrahman Wahid – Religious leader

4. “My election win offers a counter-narrative to the bigotry in the world. This is a land of immigrants, and most come here for opportunity, a second chance. It’s our time to fight for the America we know we can have.”

                                                     Ilhan Omar – US Congresswoman

5. “Women are intersectional human beings who live multi-issued lives. When we are protected, when we are respected, when we are able to thrive and given the same opportunities as our male counterparts, when we are given space to lead and rise — our nation will rise.”

                                                   Linda Sarsour – American political activist

6. “Maintenance of good relations with the neighbours, friendship to all, malice to none is the policy I pursue throughout my life.”

                                              Sheikh Hasina – Bangladeshi prime minister

7. “Don’t look for wealth and beauty as these will last only a short time, and then you’ll be left with nothing. Look for piety and faith and you’ll get everything including wealth and beauty with it”

                                            Shelina Zahra Janmohamed – British writer

8. “I’ve had to fight for every win, every place at the table, every ounce of respect on my path to world-class athlete. And I will continue to fight because the prize this time — an America that truly respects all of its citizens — is worth more than any medal. Inshallah: so, may it be.”

                                         Ibtihaj Muhammad – US athlete

9. “Real tolerance means respecting other people even when they baffle you and you have no idea why they think what they think.”

                                       G. Willow Wilson – Writer and essayist

10. “People are so complex and multidimensional that raising someone to ‘hero’ status is too great a simplification.”

                                   Dalia Mogahed – American scholar of Egyptian origin

Image: Courtesy of WhatsuPic