10 words in Somali that mean the same in Swahili

Swahili and Somali are languages that both fuse African tongues with Arabic.

Arguably, the two languages are certainly the best known outside the continent among all African languages.

While Swahili is a Bantu language and Somali an Afro-Asiatic language belonging to the Cushitic branch, they do have similarities.

Some Swahili words sound just like Somali and vice versa.

These similarities could be attributed to a process known as syncretism, or the blending of cultures.

Here are some Somali words that are also Swahili:

Swahili Somali Meaning
Safari Safar Journey/Trip
Msumari Musmaar Nail
Huru Xur/Hur Free
Dhamiri Damiir Conscience
Furahi Farhad/Farah Happy
Dakika Daqiiqo Minute
Wakati Waqti Time
Karne Qarni Century
Dua Duco Prayers

Source: Biladd.com

Image courtesy of Inforum