Fox News attacks Somali-Americans despite community’s success

Right-wing American network Fox News has accused the Somali community in the United States of “offering a rich recruiting ground” for armed groups in Africa.

In a piece written by Hollie McKay, the outlet also attacked Somali-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of not taking “a tough enough stand” in “addressing the issue”.

“Experts and authorities are urging the community to keep the issue at the forefront to prevent others from joining extremist groups abroad,” McKay wrote.

She added: “local authorities contend it has been challenging for them to penetrate the Somali-American community in Minneapolis, who remain a unique immigrant population that hasn’t actively assimilated with the neighboring township”.

Despite Fox’s claims, researchers and US government officials says in Minneapolis have tremendous political and economic success.

“Minneapolis is viewed around the world, particularly in Scandinavian countries where the Somali diaspora is growing, as a model for Somali integration,” said Stefanie Chambers, a political science professor at Trinity College, who wrote a book about the Somali-American community.