Profile: Ali Bunow Korane, the second governor of Garissa County

Ali Bunow Korane is the second governor of Garissa County, having been elected to post in the 2017 Kenyan general election.

He has served the government of Kenya for more than 30 years and held significant leadership positions, including in the army.

He was once a lieutenant in the Kenyan army, a permanent secretary of several ministries such as the Ministry of Tourism and Information, Ministry of Home Affairs, Heritage and Social Services, Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social services.

Before his election as governor, Korane was special envoy, Horn of Africa—a position appointed to him by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2010 to coordinate peace in the region.

Korane acquired an undergraduate degree [BA] on International Studies and Diplomacy from G. Washington University (USA) followed by MA International Studies and Diplomacy in the same university.

He belongs to the ruling Jubilee party.