Kenya’s government seeking to build central identification platform for citizens

Kenya’s government has launched a six- billion shilling ($60 million) project to create a single “source of truth” on personal identity in the country.

The project will lead to the development of identification numbers for all citizens above six years of age.

Foreigners residing in the country will also have to apply for the listing system, rolled out in 15 of the country’s 47 counties by the government

The government says there is need to develop a corruption-proof system.

Some critics, however, say the system, the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIMS), will have unintended consequences including abuse of personal information by third parties.

Critics have also criticised the government for what they described as poor public education on the registration system.

Kenyans used #ResistHudumaNamba, #HudumaNamba and #IamNotBoarding on Twitter to campaign against the project.

But President Uhuru Kenyatta said the system will be “the authentic single source of truth on personal identity in Kenya”.