Somali woman barred from entering Israel, denies intention to stay

Israeli authorities have denied entry to a Somali woman without explanation, preventing her from visiting her husband who lives there.

Faiza Amin Mohamed, a dual British-Somali citizen, said Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority has not been given her an explanation for her denying her entry into Israel.

She has remained at the Ben-Gurion International Airport, near Tel Aviv, since being barred from entering.

She has denied any intention to remain in the country.

Ms Mohamed, who lives in London, said that she has no intention of settling in Israel, but the Israeli government claims she told airport personnel she plans to remain in the country.

The Population and Immigration Authority tried to put Ms. Mohammed on a flight back to England, efforts that she said included the use of force, Haaretz reported.

Her lawyer Asaf Weitzen said: “The Interior ministry is showing contempt for the law, and not for the first time, and the ones who are suffering are those whose only sin is their Somali origin and the color of their skin. It’s no longer surprising, but it’s still sad to rediscover what Israel has become.”

Ms. Mohamed said she travelled from London to spend time with her partner and told Haaretz that she has no interest in living in Israel.

She said she has been a British citizen for two decades and has children in the UK.

In 2011, the Israeli government refused to grant asylum to four Somali citizens, contrary to the recommendation of the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency.