Profile: Who is Ahmed Abdullahi, the former governor of Wajir County?

The former governor of the northeastern Kenyan county of Wajir Ahmed Abdullahi went back to the country’s Supreme Court on 20 February for a review of the court’s decision to uphold his predecessor’s election.

On 15 February, the Supreme Court upheld the 2017 election of Mohamed Abdi Mohamud as the governor of the county, rejecting a petition launched by Mr. Abdullahi challenging Mohamud’s win.

Chief Justice David Maraga ruled that the election had been free and fair, quashing a petition from Abdullahi, Mr’s Mohamud predecessor who alleged “massive” malpractices during the vote almost two years ago.

So, who is Ahmed Abdullahi, the former county boss?

Born in 1973 in Wajir, Ahmed Abdullahi is a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

He attended Jogbaro Primary School, Starehe Boys Centre and the University of Nairobi where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.

He also attended the Strathmore University for an MBA and obtained a Global Business Strategy qualification from IESA Business School in Spain.

He worked as an auditor with Delloitte and Touche in Nairobi and New York for over a decade before he went into politics.

In the 2013 Kenyan general election, Mr. Abdullahi contested for the governor’s seat in Wajir and won with his running-mate Abdulhafid Abdullahi Yarow on an ODM party ticket.

He is the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kenya Industrial Estates Limited (K.I.E). He is also the immediate former Finance Director/ Group Chief Financial Officer Hass Petroleum.