Christian church converted into mosque in Kenya

A former church in western Kenya has been converted into a mosque after its pastor embraced Islam.

Presiding Bishop of the God’s Call Church of East Afric Charles Okwany said he decided to change the facility to a mosque after he converted to the Islamic faith.

Nairobi-based Jamia Mosque Imam Sheikh Muhammad Swalihu was the chief guest at the opening of the mosque in Rangwe, near the western city of Kisumu.

Other five members of the church also embraced Islam.

The former Bishop changed his name to Ismail Okwany.

The head of Kenya’s Majlis Ulamaa (or Islamic scholars), Sheikh Khalfan Khamis, was among the guests at the event.

Muslims make up about 11 percent of Kenya’s population.

Jamia mosque Nairobi said it was “probably the first time in Kenya” a church had been converted into an Islamic worship centre.