List of all constituencies and wards in Garissa County

There are six electoral constituencies in Garissa County, namely: Fafi, Garissa Township, Lagdera, Dadaab, Ijara and Balambala.

Fafi Constituency Facts:

Constituency Number: 031

Constituency Name: Fafi Constituency

Constituency Population: 95,212

Constituency Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 15,469.40

County Assembly Wards in Fafi Constituency:

Bura Ward

Dekaharia Ward

Jarajila Ward

Fafi Ward

Nanighi Ward

Garissa Township Constituency Facts:

Constituency Number: 027

Constituency Name: Garissa Township Constituency

Constituency Population: 100,651

Constituency Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 656.10

County Assembly Wards in Garissa Township Constituency:

Waberi Ward

Galbet Ward

Township Ward

Iftin Ward

Lagdera Constituency Facts:

Constituency Number: 029

Constituency Name: Lagdera Constituency

Constituency Population: 92,636

Constituency Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 8,389.80

County Assembly Wards in Lagdera Constituency:

Modogashe Ward

Bename Ward

Goreale Ward

Maalamin Ward

Sabena Ward

Baraki Ward

Dadaab Constituency Facts:

Constituency Number: 030

Constituency Name: Dadaab Constituency

Constituency Population: 148,869

Constituency Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 6,781.40

County Assembly Wards in Dadaab Constituency:

Dertu Ward

Dadaab Ward

Labisgale Ward

Damajale Ward

Liboi Ward

Abakaile Ward

Ijara Constituency Facts:

Constituency Number: 032

Constituency Name: Ijara Constituency

Constituency Population: 92,663

Constituency Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 9,521.90

County Assembly Wards in Ijara Constituency:

Hulugho Ward

Sangailu Ward

Ijara Ward

Masalani Ward

Balambala Constituency Facts:

Constituency Number: 028

Constituency Name: Balambala Constituency

Constituency Population: 93,029

Constituency Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 4,901.60

County Assembly Wards in Balambala Constituency:

Balambala Ward

Danyere Ward

Jarajara Ward

Saka Ward

Samkuri Ward