10 facts about Mandera County you might not know

Located in northeastern Kenya, the vast county of Mandera shares borders with Ethiopia, Somalia and Wajir County.

With a population of 1,025,756 (2009 national census), the county is predominantly inhabited by ethnic Somalis, just like other counties in northeast Kenya.

Here are 10 other basic facts about the county:

1. The county has only 3 major hospitals.

2. The main economic activitie are livestock trade and pastoralism as well as trade in handcraft products.

3. The county’s poverty level stands at 68 %, making it one of the country’s poorest counties.

5. Mandera’s only tourist attraction is Malka Mari Fort, National Park, and Game Reserve in the north.

6. There are an estimated 125,497 households in the county.

7. In Mandera, rainfall is scanty and unpredictable averaging 255mm. It is very hot with temperatures at a mean annual average of 28.3 0C but can reach a high of 37 0C.

8. Mandera County covers an area of 25,991.5 km².

9. The county has six parliamentary constituencies: Mandera West, Banissa, Mandera North, Mandera South, Mandera East and Lafey.

10. Mandera county lies some 670 km northeast of the capital Nairobi.