Ahmed Abdi Nur retires from BBC Somali Service’s airwaves after 23 years

Veteran BBC Somali Service newsreader Ahmed Abdi Nur has announced his retirement, bringing to an end a 23-year career at the corporation.

Speaking to the BBC Somali Service radio, Ahmed Abdi Nur said he joined the corporation “at a difficult time” as its Mogadishu correspondent in 1996 when the city was divided between rival warlords.

“It was a difficult time, because the city was divided between north and south and was controlled by disparate armed factions. At that time, the country was lawless and the BBC was the only source of accurate information for Somalis,” he said.

“Some politicians or their supporters use to threaten me, saying “we kill you” when they were unhappy with my reports.”

The BBC Somali Service broadcasts news and current affairs programmes in Somali four times day each day to Somalis across the globe on Metre Bands, FM and through Internet.

The service announced recently that it would move out of Broadcasting House, its headquarters in London, to a new studio in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

The Nairobi bureau is home to about 300 BBC journalists working across Africa.

The BBC Somali Service was set up in 1957 with two weekly broadcasts of 15 minutes each.